How to Use Clubhouse?

For starters, Clubhouse is a public social network; it does not have the special/family character of WhatsApp or FaceTime.

How to Use Clubhouse?

For starters, Clubhouse is a public social network; it does not have the special/family character of WhatsApp or FaceTime. Compared to Telegram or Discord, Club House is focused specifically on communities. Many things need improvement in practice. - The app is designed to make it easier for you to find interesting people and meet them in rooms that you can create yourself. Talk about any topic as you wish. On the other hand, its users' active participation is better than others. It is a super unified application.

How to Access to Clubhouse?

The application is only available at the Apple Store. NOTE: It's free and requires iOS 13.0 or higher installed on your iPhone or iPad.

How to Get ClubHouse Invitation?

The easiest thing is to get it as a gift from someone who uses ClubHouse. Your behavior on this network is related to the person who invited you; if you break internal rules and Clubhouse you may get banned. The easiest way is to buy ClubHouse invitation.

How to Use Clubhouse?

Rooms can be public or private. You can participate in the conversation acts as a speaker and/or moderator, or just as a listener. In other words, you become a part of the audience. All conversations made here are temporary. When the room closes, what was said in them "disappears". Clubhouse keeps a copy on their servers for a few hours in case they have to review what happened to it.

If someone bothers you, you can block or report it.

When you first enter the application, there is the main menu at the top of the screen.

Just below you will find 3 suggested rooms (Events). When you scroll down, you will see the open (active) rooms where chats take place and the button at the bottom that allows you to create your room (+ Start a Room).

Next to it, on the right, you will find an icon for accessing Clubs (such as user communities… Facebook groups). You will then see a section that you can access by sliding the screen to the left.

ClubHouse Main Menu

You will find the search engine icon (magnifying glass), invitations (envelope), calendar (agenda), notifications (bell), and user profile.

Search Section

From the search engine, you can find users (People) or communities (Clubs) by keyword or interests. When you scroll down, you will see the app recommends people to follow and chat (Topics).


Here you will find invitations that ClubHouse will "distribute" to you based on your event (creating, moderating, and participating in chats).

This is a great marketing idea: They make you feel like you are "more than a user". You are the one who grows the community here. You will also have the chance to get followers with invitations.


Like all social networks, ClubHouse asks you to spend a lot of time. In this section, you will find a list of events that may be of interest to you. You can "subscribe" by clicking the bell. The app will be interested in notifying you that if you authorize notifications on your phone they have started.

It currently divides its recommendations into three groups:

  • ALL APPROACHING> all planned rooms
  • APPROACHING TO YOU> The algorithm will suggest new rooms (active or scheduled) based on your interests, the clubs you follow or belong to, and the people you follow.
  • MY ACTIVITIES> here you will find your scheduled events or chats suggested by other users, for which you have been tagged as "Moderator" or "Guest".
17 November 2021
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