How to Create A Room On Clubhouse

In the article, we will explain how you can open your first room or plan your first event in the Clubhouse.

How to Create A Room On Clubhouse

In this article, you will find that creating a new room is very easy. In the article, we will explain how you can open your first room or plan your first event in the Clubhouse. You already know that this social network rewards its active users. So Clubhouse likes that we create new conversations. It is a plus that we are very active in creating new meeting spaces.

Then let's continue.

The second thing you should know is that rooms can be private or public. If they are of this type, you can link them to a club (only club followers can get access), only people who follow or be open to anyone who wants to participate audience. Events can only be open to the public or may be open to any Clubhouse user or limited to one Club member. Currently, the capacity of the rooms is limited to 5,000 users.

Create a Room in the Clubhouse

You can create your first room by pressing + Start Room. On the pop-up screen, you will need to decide whether the room is open to everyone (open), only to the people you follow (social), private (closed), or limited to people in a club.

Open Room on the Clubs Screen

You can access this from the icon at the bottom of the screen or by swiping the screen to the left. You can open a room linked to the Club or open a 1-on-1 private chat by clicking the + Room icon to the right Private chats can be made public, and you can also invite more people on the go. After this stage, your room will be eligible to get followers.

The role of the participants in the Rooms (Rooms / Events)


If you open a room or another moderator assigns you this role, you can become the moderator of the room. As a moderator, you will need to be interested in energizing, "styling" and moderating the conversation.

A moderator can block users, report or block abuse, or report an issue. You will also be careful to get your audience on stage (or drop them on the floor). And you can assign the moderator role to other users. You can open the room to the public - if it's private - or you can close it.

Any participant can invite people to enter the room by pressing the + icon you will find at the bottom of the screen. And you can leave the room by silently pressing Leave.


Only the moderators and members of the audience they have authorized will come to the stage. When they get there, they will be able to join the conversation in the room as the Speaker. My first piece of advice is to mute the microphone while you're there - and until it's your turn to speak.

By clicking on the avatar, you can get the person you want from the scene.

Audience (Listeners)

Every time you enter a room (unless you create it or become a moderator) you will join as a listener. If you want to talk, you may want to raise your hand and speak. The moderators will consider whether they allow you to get on the stage for your speech.

17 November 2021
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