There's a 'monthly listeners' count on every Spotify profile, tracking your tracks' unique listener count for the given month. Having many 'monthly listeners' means you're popular and socially appreciated.

When users have many monthly listeners, their tracks get more and more visible, and Spotify starts to suggest their tracks in the 'Spotify Suggestion Playlists.' Spotify suggestion playlists are visible to everyone so you can reach a much broader audience.

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Hardships of Being an Artist

The customers of MOVSMM, we have some good news for you today! Our "Spotify Monthly Listeners" service is finally up and running. It's time to change your life!

It's hard to be an artist these days, but there is an irony in there, and it says that it's the most comfortable time for artists to create the music they like. Still, as we stated in the first sentence, it's incredibly challenging to make your voice get heard among the millions who wish the same as you.

You will need tons of listeners and plays to take your profile to the top. We're not even mentioning that you will need a decent Spotify promotional campaign.

In that case, it's up to you to be a little extreme and show people that you're exceptional, and they won't waste their time if they give your music a shot. However, how can you do that when no one listens to your music? You can't create listeners out of thin air, right?

Well, what if I told you that you could? After you get the Matrix pun, you may want to know that we finally launched our service that allows you to buy Spotify monthly listeners to your artist account in order to attract new listeners. If you wish to know how can buying artificial listeners can help you a long way, please keep reading this article. It is also possible to buy Spotify followers if you want a permanent follower number. 

Where Can I Buy Spotify Monthly Listeners From?

We don't love to brag too much, but if you wish so, we won't back off from the challenge. MOVSMM is the best website where you can buy impressions for your social media accounts, and that's some facts. We will list the reasons why we think we are the best, and we highly suggest you read the reviews and testimonials regardings our services.

  • As MOVSMM's fixture principle, we never ask for your password. It's up to you, but it's important that you never share your password with anyone at all. Your account is safe, with only you knowing its password. 
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  • Our delivery times are pretty short, and we don't get affected by Spotify updates. As soon as your orders complete, we will start processing your query through our secure system.
  • Don't forget that the monthly listeners cycle is 30 days. Therefore, after the given amount of time, your listeners will disappear. This is not due to some error. You will have to purchase some again. This is the reason why our prices are comparably low.