How to Create a Club on Clubhouse?

How to Create a Club on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse adds new features to the platform every week and one of the most important is undoubtedly how you can create your Club within the Clubhouse. Now the process is much simpler: Go to your profile and click on the + sign under your profile.

You will need to add the name of the Club you want to create.

  • You accept all users who want to follow it
  • Allow members to create or create rooms
  • Or create a Club for a custom member roster.

You will then need to add keywords and a description of your Club's theme.

In this social network, you can create themed rooms where you invite other people or speakers to talk about a specific topic.

To create a room, simply enter your profile and press the green button at the bottom, and start + A room. Here you can choose from:

  • Open room for everyone
  • Social room for your friends to enter
  • Closed for a limited group only

When you create a room you can do it under or outside a Club umbrella. If you create a Club under the umbrella and you are not a manager, you can configure it so that only those club followers can enter, but when you enter the room you will find a padlock at the top that you can open. If you've created a room and made a mistake while setting the time or want to edit any data, you can do so by entering the calendar (at the top of the screen) and then clicking My Events, Edit, and change. What do you want?

Clubs and rooms have four types of users:

  • Creator or founder: The person who creates the room or club
  • Moderator of the managing or managing person
  • Room Visitors: People who are listening in Room
  • Followers: Users who follow the club

How can you create your first Club?

Go to your profile and press on your avatar. Click on the admin nut. Then click "How do I start a Club".

It will show you a link with an application form. Remember that you must commit to activating it periodically. If they accept it at the clubhouse, they will review your request and within a few days, you will be ready to share your club.

The more proactive you are in the Clubhouse, the more invitations you will have at your disposal and the easier it will be for you to have functions. Of course, be careful when sending invitations and think twice about whom to send them. If you do not notice and invite a friend who does not have an iPhone but has Android, not only will the application be downloaded, but your invitations will be limited as well. It's like punishment by the Clubhouse so you make sure that person can be a part of the Club before you invite them. It is also important that you trust that person because if they commit a violation and are kicked out of Clubhouse, they will kick you out as well. In other words, your profile and your guest's profile are linked forever.

If creators and moderators do their roles well, don't get enough of speakers who want to sell their products, and don't limit themselves to adding value to their knowledge (sales will come with their footprint and personal branding), this could be a boom for the network.